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Thinking About Purchasing a Timeshare?

Timesharing - The Way Vacations Should Be!

This may be your chance to relax and enjoy your vacations again. Isn't that the only purpose of a vacation, anyway? Imagine not having the stress of months of planning and searching for the best bargains for suitable accommodations during the busiest times of the year. A timeshare can put an end to the madness and help you discover the way vacationing should be!

Timeshares make it affordable to treat yourself and your family to vacations every year from the extraordinary to the exotic. Soak up the Caribbean sun, immerse yourself in different international cultures, or marvel at the beauty of the French Alps from your timeshare condo balcony! With our help, not only will you reach those places for your next vacation, you'll save a suprising amount of money along the way.

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Luxury Timeshare Vacations Every Year!

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Unlike renting a pricey hotel room with rates only increasing year after year, buying a timeshare resale property enables you to "lock in" at today's dollars and realize a lifetime of dream vacations for as long as you own the vacation property. Rather than worrying about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a luxury vacation home, you are able to spend only a minute fraction of this sum for the same caliber property by only paying for the time you're actually using.

Furthermore, this same timeshare vacation property can be exchanged for other timeshares in over 80 countries around the world! Owning a timeshare cond gives you the luxury of vacationing in world-class resorts with all of the comforts and privacy of your very own vacation home. Virtually any timeshare property owner will tell you that vacation property ownership not only makes sound financial sense, but also provides for a far more secure, relaxing, and enjoyable vacation experience!


Timeshare ownership provides the space and flexibility to meet the needs of any size family or group of vacationers. Size of a typical timeshare unit is similar to that of a condo or deluxe apartment. Timeshare resorts are far more deluxe than standard hotel rooms and range in size from studio to 3 or more bedrooms, up to 2 baths and can often sleep up to 10 or more guests.

Nearly all timeshares come with a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, and generous living areas. Units are professionally decorated, fully furnished and come equipped with all the niceties of home such as towels, linens, dishes, silverware, TV's, VCR's, and more. Our customers have found the stability, flexibility and savings gained through purchasing their timeshare resale units to be excellent. As we come across new timeshares every day, our inventory is constantly updated. Click here to browse our online inventory of exceptional timeshare resale bargains.

Timeshare Exchange Opportunities

What kinds of benefits can you expect from vacation property ownership? Buying a timeshare resale property is an incredible way to travel and see the world! It has been said that over 80% of timeshare owners buy with the specific intention of traveling to more than one destination. Here is how timeshare resales make it happen:

  • Just because you own at a particular resort doesn't mean you have to keep going to the same place over and over again.
  • Simple Points Systems make it possible to visit both renowned and remote areas with ease.
  • In fact, you can trade your week at your home resort for a vacation at any of thousands of other world-class resorts.
  • Pick from over 80 different countries.
  • There is no limit to how many times you can exchange, see them all!

Whether you plan your vacations well in advance, or only at the last minute, a timeshare exchange is a wonderful and unique way to travel and see the world first class!

Timeshare Ownership

Stop throwing away your money on hotels and rented vacation property! Owning timeshare vacation property makes good financial sense. Timeshare owners are delighted when they check out at the end of their week's stay, because their bill is ZERO! (And zero for the rest of their lives because they OWN their accommodation as deeded property!) The money saved here quickly pays back the low initial purchase price.

You can enjoy timeshares for as long as you'd like and if there ever comes a time when your lifestyle changes and you're no longer able to vacation yearly, you can always sell, rent, donate a timeshare, or simply give the week away to family or friends. One of the most appreciated gifts you can give someone is that of a week at a luxurious resort. Imagine being able to tell a parent or son or daughter, "I've booked you a week at a fabulous resort at an exotic destination! Go and enjoy, its on me!"

Deeded timeshares can also be willed to loved-ones making it possible for generations of your family to enjoy the benefits of timeshare ownership. What a wonderful legacy to leave to your family and future generations!

No Time Like The Present

What are you waiting for? Now you understand all the reasons that people have timeshares. You can see yourself enjoying those same benefits, and best of all, we are here to help you. Browse our large collection of ads for something that strikes you, or search specifically for what you know you want. You're so close to that dream vacation, don't stop now and don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions, toll free at (888) 813-0195.




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