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Setting the Timeshare Sales Standard of the World - One Week at a Time.

You have needs, we have quick solutions. is the global leader in connecting timeshare buyers, sellers, and renters! Our Expert Staff intimately understands what it takes to make the rental or sale of a timeshare quick and hassle free. What this means for you: You want a timeshare? We will get you one, NOW. You don't want a timeshare? We will sell it, NOW.

Availability Means Affordability

The evolution of timeshares has influenced the Vacation/Hospitality Lodging Industries in a couple ways. Now that timeshares are available all over the world the subsequent market has expanded to an incredible capacity. This unreserved availability allows potential vacationers with budgets of all sizes to capture their dream vacations.

The choices and options inherent in timeshare vacations are so numerous that any destination is within your grasp. If you want to spend a week in Maui, then do it! Remember, if you want something just look for it on this website and you will find it. That is the purpose of the Timeshare Vacation Revolution!

Vacation Property SELLERS are in good hands

Our thoroughly qualified and professionally refined staff is anxious to help you advertise your timeshare as well as help you sell it! We understand that once you decide to sell your timeshare property you don't want to have it hanging over your head and sitting on the market for any length of time. A quick conversation with one of our timeshare sale by owner representatives will illustrate the distance between us and the rest of the industry.

We are a group of highly trained timeshare professionals passionate about the business of timeshare sales and committed to shaping the future of our industry. The success of our sellers and the satisfaction of our buyers are the keys to the honorable progression of Vacation Real Estate commerce. Our global marketing exposure will get your timeshare noticed, but our experience and expertise will help you close a timeshare deal.

For the timeshare resale BUYER it couldn't be any easier

Buyers have the option of pursuing a transaction assisted by a timeshare broker. Timeshare brokers are valuable on several levels:

  • Brokers can impart professional wisdom to both sides of the transaction.
  • They appropriate vacation property for specific demographics.
  • A broker is a neutral party and therefore guarantees fairness and accuracy in the transaction.
  • Brokers promise that the property and price fits your desire and ability.

Buyers can also communicate directly with the seller if they prefer. We make available excellent resources for both title work and timeshare sale financing. For the buyer, we make "Once-in-a-Lifetime" vacations a "Lifetime Reality"...hassle free!

No Timeshare Appraisal Fees

Many timeshare resale companies unethically insist on the buyer paying upfront for appraisals or a comparative market analysis (CMA). You simply don't need an appraisal or CMA to sell a timeshare. Timeshare property is not traditional real estate. Your timeshare property was not "appraised" when you purchased it and does not need to be appraised to sell it now.

When speaking with other timeshare resale companies or brokers, if you are told you need an appraisal or CMA, use extreme caution. The brokers employed by are professionals and know that these procedures are not only unnecessary, but are frivolous attempts of malpractice. The bottom line is if you want to be successful in selling your timeshare property, you need to be priced well under what the resort is selling the same unit and week for.

Affordable Timeshare Sales

For the seller no commission means money saved. For the buyer we boast only the lowest broker consignment in the industry. There are no hidden fees whatsoever, no appraisal fees, no contract fees, etc. The buyer only pays a guaranteed low broker percentage and the closing cost.

The closing cost is also guaranteed LOW, and is a necessary part of utilizing a closing company to ensure a legal and official contract. Eliminating unnecessary costs with reliable precision is how has become the most trusted name in the game!

Sales Integrity

For both buyers and sellers the unfortunate truth is that timeshare "scams" are everywhere. At we refuse to make false claims, unrealistic guarantees, employ out of work celebrities, or insult our prospective clients with phony statistics and "crystal ball" timelines. We simply provide our sellers with maximum exposure to the global sales marketplace and our buyers with dedicated customer service and great timeshare deals.

We are in the timeshare sale business for the long haul. This is how we've managed to become the #1 destination worldwide for people who want to buy and sell timeshare. If you want hype we're not your choice. If you want results, International Property Resales is your only choice.

Worldwide Exposure

Our far-reaching marketing campaign and worldwide Internet presence allow you to gain maximum global exposure. Timeshare resales are booming internationally! can help you reach qualified buyers in 176 countries worldwide and counting!




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